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About Mandarmoni

Know About Mandarmani

Mandarmani is a seaside resort village in the state of West Bengal, India, lies in East Midnapore district and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the large and fast developing seaside resort village of West Bengal. It is almost 180 km from Kolkata Airport on the Kolkata – Digha route. red crabs crawling around the 13 km long beach is a special attraction of Mandarmani. It is argued to be the longest driveable beach in India. Geomorphologically, this area has relatively low waves than nearer tourist beach of Digha. However still this beach is deposition with formation of neo dunes in several areas specially around Dadanpatrabar.term papers help

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Mandarmani by Air:

Tourist may reach in Mandarmani by Air. Nearest airport from Mandarmani is Kolkata. From Kolkata Airport there are various mode of transports available to reach Mandarmani. You can hier a tai or can take a Train or can reach Mandarmani by Bus. It will take around 4 to 5 hours to reach in Mandarmani by Car from Kolkata airport.

Mandarmani By Car:

There are various optiors available to reach Mandarmani from Kolkata. You can also avail the road connections. You can drive your own car as per the map shown here. You can also hier a Cab from Kolkata. goad condition is excellent and its an wonderful drive from Kolkota. Have a break in Kolaghat to have some snacks and then continue to Contai and then Mandarmarii. goad from Chawlkhola to Maridarmani is not as good as highway but not bad as well. People like to drive the car on the beach as well. But remember, you car may get into the sand and then you may get stuck. Be careful before driving car on the beach, its not recommended. Mandarmani is at around 170 KM away from Kolkata and from 1anchi this is near to 310 Km c.cy.

Mandarmani By Bus:

Plenty of Buses are available every hour from Esplanade. Birati on to r each theb each ar cc (A round l9f rom th er j Barasat and various part of Kolkato. Threre are Ac and Non/Ac Buses are available. No Bus goes to Mandarmani directley but it asses through Chawlkhola, where cu can get down and get a local rtans.

Mandarmani By Train:

Train is also another alternative to reach in Mandarrnani. Train is always a comfortable option. But for Mandarmani train is not a soothing option. Take a train from Howrah to bigha. From there you take hired taxi. There ore many options available to reach Mandormani from tigha station.



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